It seems highly probable that the US Dollar will head south from here, particularly if the US government decides to spend 1.5 Trillion + 3.5 Trillion on the two infrastructure bills being considered now.

Dollar Index Topping Right Now

Copper, Silver and Gold all seem poised to rally as a result.

Copper Daily

Copper Daily Chart – 10.04.21

Gold Futures Weekly Chart

Gold Weekly Chart – 10.04.21

I am the most excited for Silver, hoping for a target near $50. The red lines are the flag when the chart is in candle mode, the orange lines are the flag in line mode.

Silver Flag Chart

Silver Daily Chart – 10.04.21

Bitcoin and Ethereum look poised to continue their rallies as well.

This is a 2 hour Bitcoin chart…

2 Hour Bitcoin Chart – 10.04.21

While we are a bit more zoomed out with the Daily Ethereum chart here.

Daily Ethereum Chart – 10.04.21

Good luck to all!